Dionne Warwick Gives a Warm Interview with Eileen Shapiro

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick by Eileen Shapiro
“Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and A Brand-New Album”

Iconic superstar Dionne Warwick proudly accepted one of the Grammy Awards highest honors, the Lifetime Achievement Award. She shares the honor with other greats including George Clinton, Julio Iglesias, Donny Hathaway, and Sam & Dave. The honorees were mentioned during the Grammy Awards on February 10, 2019 however there will be a separate award presentation ceremony and concert to celebrate their achievement on May 11, 2019 in Los Angeles.

Warwick is also celebrating the release of her first new album in five years, produced by her son Damon Elliott, titled, “She’s Back.” Set to be released early this spring, this will be her 36th studio album. The ten-track album will contain new songs as well as covers of some of Warwick’s personal favorite pop/soul tunes. Her single, “What The World Needs Now”, was released on March 1st.

Aside from these two major accomplishments, Warwick has recently appeared on CBS’ long running weekend series, “Sunday Morning.” Those who have also appeared on the show during its 40 years of existence include Cher, Johnny Mathis, and John Mellencamp.

Just recently announced, Dionne Warwick will be doing a residency in Las Vegas from April 4 to April 27 at Bally’s Hotel & Casino Jubilee Theater. She will be joined by her talented granddaughter, Cheyenne Elliott. I was honored to have a conversation with Ms. Warwick regarding the fabulous way in which her year has started.

Eileen Shapiro: Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Grammys. That is such a big deal…an honor.

Dionne Warwick: Thank youIt is a big deal, the entire academy is presenting that to me. It’s very exciting and I’m thrilled about it.

Eileen Shapiro: You’ve achieved so much and won many awards, but this has to be extremely exciting for you and super special. What were you experiencing when you learned you were getting the award?

Dionne Warwick: I screamed!!

Eileen Shapiro: That’s great! Now you’re coming out with a new album as well….lots of cool things are happening for you this year.

Dionne Warwick: Yes, they certainly are. It’s wonderful.

Eileen Shapiro: I’m excited for this new album. I’ve spoken to your son who produced it and he’s awesome.

Dionne Warwick: I totally agree.

Eileen Shapiro: You’ve actually recorded the single, “What the  World Needs Now,” which was released March 1, 2019, a while ago.

Dionne Warwick: Quite a while, yes.

Eileen Shapiro: Tell me a little about the album.

Dionne Warwick: Well it’s full of some really super songs. I’m thrilled about it. There were a couple duets, one of which I’ve done with a young man that I had never met until I walked into the recording studio: Musiq Soulchild! It was really very interesting and wonderful singing with him. He had a wonderful voice, very musical. So it was a joy to get to know somebody young and new in the industry. I don’t know how new he is but he’s new to me. Then I also had the opportunity of recording a duet with the young man that I watched grow, and I’m thrilled for him and his success…that’s Kenny Lattimore. Then I have songs written by other songwriters. There is a song on there from Ashford & Simpson and then Brenda Russell. It’s a lovely list of song writers and songs that I had the opportunity to sing. I am in love with the CD. I think everybody else will be too.

Eileen Shapiro: I heard that you were having a residency in Las Vegas and that the show will include your granddaughter,Cheyenne Elliot.

Dionne Warwick: Cheyenne will be in the show yes. At this moment we are consummating the deal then everybody will know. I will be at Bally’s, which will start the first part of April for a month, and then we will see what happens after that.

Eileen Shapiro: That sounds like it’s going to be fun.

Dionne Warwick: Yes, it’s going to be interesting.

Eileen Shapiro: You’re super busy already this year.

Dionne Warwick: Exactly.

Eileen Shapiro: You’ve also just appeared on CBS’s “Sunday Morning”.

Dionne Warwick: Yes, it’s been a world wind of interviews, TV and radio. It’s almost as if I am 12 years old again. It’s starting again.

Eileen Shapiro: Are you still the food ambassador for the UN?

Dionne Warwick: I’m still with the UN.

Eileen Shapiro: Where do you find all the time to do all that you do?

Dionne Warwick: You know what, I don’t think about it. I just do it.

Eileen Shapiro: If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy, what would you want to happen?

Dionne Warwick: A surprise visit from Earth, Wind and Fire!

Eileen Shapiro: I think you should have that happen

Dionne Warwick: I would love to. We’ve been procrastinating about getting into the city and recording together for years. When I’m in New Jersey, they are somewhere else, like Holland! So, it’s just a matter of scheduling. We’re going to get that done, I’m sure.

Eileen Shapiro: That would be amazing. That should be your next album.

Dionne Warwick: I totally agree. We’ll see what happens.

Eileen Shapiro: Aside from all of this what else is going on for you? Any new projects on the horizon?

Dionne Warwick: Just the CD, the Vegas residency, and I think that’s going to be plenty for me right now.

Eileen Shapiro: Are you planning any tours, I believe you were in the U.K. last year?

Dionne Warwick: Not only England; it was all over the world. I’m still doing that, nothing has changed.

Eileen Shapiro: Is there anything else that you’d like to talk about that I haven’t covered ?

Dionne Warwick: Just the fact that the CD is going to be available in April, the end of April beginning of May. The label is E-One (Entertainment One Music), and it will be available every conceivable way.

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