Lolani: Five things you should know about the green girl from ‘Star Trek’


The green dancing slave girl is one of the most iconic characters in the Star Trek pantheon. The first green girl from Orion was featured in the pilot episode of the original series: “The Cage”—-back before Captain Kirk even, when the original star of the show was Captain Pike.

She was played by the intrepid Susan Oliver–who was the prototype of todays action hero female character in her real life. There is a fascinating documentary about her called ‘The Green Girl” appropriately enough. (here’s a trailer, dont mind the crappy royalty free music playing in the background, the film itself is pretty decent.

The Green Girl has caught the imagination of generations of Star Trek fans. From the various spin off series to the several film franchises she keeps reappearing. (Even the Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto reboot has green girl hook up scenes)

Because: Technology + fans = A whole industry of fan generated media, Star Trek’s green girls get their own movies. Including a major episode in the original star trek reboot “Star Trek Continues”.

In 2014, the popular American fan-created web series, Star Trek Continues, released its’ second episode titled “Lolani.”

Lolani is the name of a female Orion slave, who finds refuge aboard the Enterprise after coming upon her in a disabled Tellarite transport ship. Spock and Security Chief Drake investigate the Tellarite transport ship, as it appears that Lolani is the only survivor.

The character of Lolani is played by Fiona Vroom. Vroom is known for Power Rangers (2017) and The True Heroins (2011-2013). She also made a brief appearance in Star Trek: Beyond (2016). 

Check out our “Five things to Know” about the green girl from Star Trek Lolani.

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