About Us

Stars and Celebs is a newly redesigned online legacy site that has provided continuous celebrity coverage since 1995.

The site was originally launched as The Celebrity Cafe–the name still survives in our sectional coverage, where we place the interviews, discussions and intimate stories that established our trademark online voice–and has now reinvented into a collection of related sites in 2018

Since 95, the site has spent the past 23 years reporting engaging news about celebrity and celebrities—mostly within the comfortable realms of legacy entertainment platforms. In 2017 we embarked to change that and expanded our own view and coverage to reflect the globally emerging new forms of celebrity.

So while the more mainstream publications were still covering television stars from the 2000s with respectable fan bases of a million people, they were ignoring youtube stars with 50 million subscribers. We opened our eyes and our laptops and took notice.

Now we cover the New Celebrities as well as the Legacy Stars. From Youtube and Social Media superstars to the standout names in Gaming, Virtual Reality, online personalities to emerging talents in independent streaming platforms, 360 webseries and the new internationalized musical scenes arising from platforms like bandcamp and soundcloud–without ever losing our identity as interviewers and commenters through exclusive guest columns.

Our goal is to provide the news in such a way that our readers can have an educated and stimulating view into the lives and actions of the world’s most celebrated people.

Our Staff


Editor-in-Chief: Stephen Dare

Stephen Dare is a writer, journalist, screen writer and publisher who has worked in print, film, video, streaming and online journalism for more than 30 years. With a love of literature, wit, history, entertainment and storytelling he is also a natural born gossip, having been raised in a Southern Baptist church.
Find him on twitter @stephendare

Production Manager: Dre Dyson

Dre Dyson is a millennium working with a new found passion in the Digital Space. From Data Science, Marketing, Analytics, Computer Programming to Content Development, Dre is tailored to many areas of expertise.
Find him on IG:@ergosumdre

Dre Dyson

Marketing Manager: Randi Campbell

Randi Campbell has been in Marketing for over ten years working with startups to large companies generating online visibility and leads. Randi believes that a powerful brand story opens up the mind to new opportunities and new choices. As a Social Media Strategist, she has developed strategies that have grown client’s social media communities, as well as, generated qualified leads

Staff Writers

Brandon Schreur:

When I was a freshman in high school, I decided I wanted to start reviewing movies. I opened IMDB, went to the lists section, created a new one called “Movies I have Watched Started on February 19, 2011” and wrote a three-sentence review for Mel Gibson’s Signs. Fast-forward to present day and I’ve written over 1,350 reviews on that very blog (most of which now come in at around 1,000 words). To say film was a passion of mine might be an understatement. And to answer the question that I’m repeatedly asked, Sing Street is the greatest that has ever been made and ever will be made. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.